SWIG-1.3 Development Documentation

Last update : SWIG-1.3.40 (18 August 2009)


The SWIG documentation is being updated to reflect new SWIG features and enhancements. However, this update process is not quite finished--there is a lot of old SWIG-1.1 documentation and it is taking some time to update all of it. Please pardon our dust (or volunteer to help!).

SWIG Core Documentation

Language Module Documentation

Developer Documentation

Documentation that has not yet been updated

This documentation has not been completely updated from SWIG-1.1, but most of the topics still apply to the current release. Make sure you read the SWIG Basics chapter before reading any of these chapters. Also, SWIG-1.3.10 features extensive changes to the implementation of typemaps. Make sure you read the Typemaps chapter above if you are using this feature.